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Learn More About Residential Care

Facts about Residential Care Facilities 


Not all Residential Care Facilities are the same and the search for the right facility can be overwhelming and strenuous.  All licensed facilities assist with: Bathing, Meals, and Medication distribution. Different facility types include:


• Small 4-10 bed homes  

• Larger Senior Living Communities

• Memory and Alzheimer’s Care Facility 

• Residential Board and Care 


We look forward to discussing and explaining the different facility types with you to ensure you’ve made the right choice. 



Our goal at Guidance Senior Care during these stressful times is to find your home away from home. Call us today to get started to your journey on your next level of care. 



Below you can find some important information to know when your loved one is in an Acute Care Hospital or Skilled Nursing Facility as well as important questions you should be asking prior to the discharge date. 

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