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Acute Care Hospital


When your loved one finds themselves admitted to an acute care hospital it can be scary. Below are some questions you should consider asking the Case Manager or Discharge Planner. Case Managers and Discharge Planners are hospital staff that play a fundamental role in making sure your loved one receives the correct care from a team of health care professionals.

  •  What times do the doctors make rounds?

  •  Who is my loved ones Case Manager or Discharge Planner?

  •  How long is my loved one estimated to stay in the hospital?

  •  What are my loved ones top three diagnoses?

  •  Will my loved one go straight home or be transferred to another facility?

  •  Will my loved one be safe if he or she goes straight home upon discharge?

  •  Will my loved one be able to manage any new medications when leaving?

  •  Will my loved one require assistance if they go home by themselves?



Skilled Nursing Facility


There are some situations when your loved one will need additional rehabilitation services after a hospitalization. Most Skilled Nursing Facilities are established to help patients achieve short‐term rehabilitation goals. Social Workers play a key role in helping your loved one reach their recovery goals and help plan the discharge to the next level of care. Below are some questions to consider asking:


  •  How long will my loved ones insurance cover their stay at the Skilled Nursing Facility?

  •  What equipment will my loved one need when they discharge?

  •  Can my loved one be home alone upon discharge from the Skilled Nursing


  •  Can my loved one manage any new medications they have?

  •  Will my loved one benefit from Home Health or Hospice upon discharge?


     Can my loved one perform the following tasks by themselves?

    • o Bathing


      o Grooming


      o Use the restroom


      o Medication administration o Meal Preparation


      o Ambulate 

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